Benefits of Choosing Halal Buffet Catering Services from Stamford Catering

Those who are already thinking about hosting parties during the holidays are probably already making checklists of things to do and who to invite. When trying to decide between a buffet and plated meals, first consider the number of guests, the menu preferences and the theme of the event. For a larger event, it makes sense to choose the route of a buffet, which will appeal to a variety of tastes and go easy on the budget.

Below are some reasons to consider a buffet for a large party.

Less Expensive

Those running on a tighter budget usually choose a buffet service. This allows fewer servers, and this makes way for a wider selection of dishes on the menu. In addition, there will be enough food to feed all of the guests at least twice. So, nobody will leave hungry. It all works out since some don’t eat as much as others.

More Food Options

With table service, there are only a few main dishes to choose from. Usually a beef or chicken, then a fish. Buffet catering allows a host to offer guests a wider variety of food options. There can be several entrees to appease all of the guests. People enjoy trying a taste of several things rather than a full serving of a couple of things.

Time to Socialize

Table service evokes a more formal atmosphere as guests end up seated for the entire meal. Sometimes they are seated with random people. A buffet allows people to move around at their own pace and chat with other people. This creates a casual and comfortable environment.

No Food Limits

While a plated meal has a specific portion for each item, a buffet service allows each guest to eat to their satisfaction. They can go for seconds if they really enjoy a particular dish.

Time Saver

When it comes to table service, a pre-set schedule for serving each course can keep things on a strict schedule. However, with a buffet being self-service, guests can skip appetizers and head straight to the entrees if they choose.

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